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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Jio Prime Membership - Details, Registration Online

Jio Prime Membership: Jio started its services on 5th September and trust me, Jio has gathered over 100 million customers in just 170 days of its release!! Well, Jio is going to be paid after 15th April and to continue Jio free services, People need to subscribe to Jio Prime. That is the reason we are writing this post on how to get the Jio Prime Membership!

Jio Prime membership

Jio Prime Membership - How to Apply and other details!

Jio came up fascinating and low-cost offers with Jio Prime, and that's all we were waiting for :D Well, You need to subscribe to Jio Prime first to perform any recharge!

Note: You Just need to subscribe to Jio Prime for 99 INR once a year! You don't need to pay the fees every month!

The 2 plans which I am going to mention below come under the jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer! This offer has shocked many people as the people who registered with jio prime and recharged with their desired plan before 1st April will get 3 months free internet!

Visit Here:

Jio has come up with many exciting offers and here are some of the offers and their description - 

The first Plan - You need to pay Rs 303 if you are a prime user and around 408 for this plan! This is the most popular plan among all the plans jio offers. You get the following benefits in the plan -

  • Unlimited Calls - Yes, You get unlimited calls in this offer. You can do calls in your state, and even STD Calls too, but not ISD Calls with this plan. Let's see when does Jio offers a plan with free ISD Calls :P
  • Unlimited Data - In this Plan, You also get Unlimited data with 1 GB per day FUP. When the user exceeds the 1 GB Per day limit, the speeds are automatically decreased to 128 kbps.
In short, this plan is the copy of the plan we were using after 31st December. You just need to pay the desired money for the plan depending you are a jio prime user or not!

Do I recommend this plan: Well, this plan is quite popular and is best for the people who do decent internet usage. As we are getting unlimited free calls, I would surely recommend this plan for the people who do proper internet usage, probably under 1 GB a day!

The Second Plan - You need pay Rs 408 if you are a prime user and Rs 608 if you are a non-prime user to activate this plan on your 4G Mobile phone. You will get the following benefits in the plan -

  • Unlimited Calls - As in the first plan, The person who subscribes to this plan will also get unlimited calls. But not ISD Calls.
  • Unlimited Data with extended FUP - In this plan, You will get unlimited with 2 GB per day FUP. After Exceeding the 2 GB limit, the speeds will be decreased to 128 kbps.

In short, this plan is exactly like the first plan but just has 1 GB Extended FUP per day which can be really useful for many people!

Do I recommend this Plan: This plan is the best for the people who do heavy usage every day on the internet as this plan provides 2 GB Data every day which is more than enough for many people! Let's move on to the next topic!

How to Apply for Jio Prime Membership -

There are many methods by which you can apply for Jio Prime Membership! I will be telling you 2 natural ways! You just need to follow each and every step carefully, and you would be good to go :D

#1 Apply for membership via your mobile phone - 

This is one of the easiest method available as of now! I would recommend everyone to use this method as this is really simple! Follow each and every step carefully, and you will get the prime membership easily!
  1. Turn on your 4G mobile phone with your Jio sim in it.
  2. Open 'MyJio' App.
  3. Now sign in via sim or enter your details to sign in into your MyJio account.
  4. Now, as you open you would see an option to register to prime or recharge.
  5. You need to click on that and just select your preferred plan and pay your money via your desired payment method. You will receive a confirmation message with 24 hours of payment!
I only recommend using the method above but still, let us have a look at the other way!

#2 Apply for membership via your nearest Jio Retail store -

This process is not complicated at all! You just need to visit your nearest Reliance Jio Retail store and request them to do you jio recharge. You will receive a confirmation message within 24 hours of recharge!

As we have discussed that How to apply for Jio Prime membership, Let us take a look at some other details.

Now, there are many people who will find both the method difficult or confusing, here is a YouTube video to clear all your doubts...

Sadly, We cannot redeem the Summer surprise offer as TRAI has now stopped the offer because Airtel and many other telecom companies filed complaints against jio and the offer,


So we are at the end of the article and I hope that you enjoyed reading it! If you are facing any problems or any doubts regarding this topic then feel free to comment down below as we love to solve your problems!

If you get bored by Jio Prime then be sure to checkout Towelroot Apk.

If this article helped you in any way, then be sure to share it with your friends as sharing is caring!

Stay Tuned for more updates...



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